1. General

1 This privacy policy describes how Typebot collects, uses, stores, shares and protects your information personal in relation to your use of the platform accessible through the domain name https://typebot.io (the "Site") and the services we can offer through the Site from time to time, consisting of "typebot" forms and the like services.

  1. Scope of this policy


2.1 If you are a sponsor, please note that we are not the entity responsible for data processing, but a simple provider of services to the person or company that sent you the form. We suggest you read the conditions carefully general terms and privacy policy of the company or person who sent you the form, because they are the ones who govern the processing of your personal data. If you have any doubts, please contact this person or company. In addition, depending on how the person or company who brought you sent a form configure this form, your data can be shared or made public. For more information, please contact the entity or person who sent you the form.

If you use our services or our site

2.2. If you use our services or our site, this policy privacy policy explains how we handle your data personal data, and how we handle personal data on your last name. You are not required to provide personal information when you use the site, unless you choose to access functions that require such information (such as, for example, subscription to a paid plan). The use of the services requires however that you register and create an account on the site, such as described in more detail in the general conditions of use of services.

2.3. The personal information you provide to us when the use of the Site and / or the Services are subject to this privacy policy, and you will be invited to read it and accept it.

How is your data processed?

3.1. Who processes personal information? (Who is the manager processing ")

Personal information is processed by us, an entity constituted in accordance with French law and whose contact details are indicated below:

3 rue Maurice Hardouin, 78400 Chatou
SIRET: 84211781400017

3.2. For what purpose do we process your data and why do we do it ? ("Purposes of data processing", "Legal basis for processing data "and" Retention period ")

We will process your data when we need to perform a contract, and we will process your data as long as the relationship contract with you will be in effect and for the five years following the end of this relationship. As a result we have to process your data for the purpose of providing you with the services, as well as for fulfill our obligations under the terms and conditions of services.

Subject to obtaining your consent, and as long as you do not not remove it, we may also process your data for the purposes following:

  1. a) To send you electronic commercial communications (if you subscribe to a paid plan) or to respond to requests that you address us when you contact us;
  2. b) To process the information obtained through cookies, as described in more detail in the cookie policy, and subject to the conditions set out therein;
  3. c) If you choose to connect through a web platform third party social media, we may obtain from that third party a identity confirmation and other information, as indicated in each case;
  4. d) For profiling purposes based on your behavior and how whose site you browse and use the services, pages that you visited and to constitute an audience. Please note that we can profile users by means of cookies. In this case, your acceptance of the installation and use cookies result in data processing for profiling purposes, as described in this paragraph.
  5. e) We can enrich the data we have on you by obtaining information from a selected third party for data enrichment, provided that you have given us prior authorization. Data enrichment allows us analyze a more in-depth subset of data from from which we can present personalized content.

When we have to comply with a legal obligation imposed on us applicable from time to time, such as those provided by law and tax and anti-money laundering regulations. In all these cases, the data will only be processed during the periods provided for by these laws, and will then be deleted.

Finally, we may also process your data to protect our legitimate interests, insofar as these data are strictly necessary to achieve the objectives set out below, namely

  1. a) Examine, monitor, investigate and analyze how to improve the services and / or the site, as well as to maintain our services and secure and operational site and prevent abusive activities (eg fraud, spam, phishing activities, etc.). It may include sending forms to assess any problems in the service or find out how to improve your user experience. The interests at stake are to ensure a correct and safe environment both for other users and for us, by making prevail its interests over your legitimate interests (we must create and maintain an environment that complies with the law, the interests legitimate interests of other parties, that other users can expect from us, and protect the safety of others users when they access the site and use the services);
  2. b) In addition to any electronic commercial communication and not email sent when we have obtained your consent as mentioned above, we can also send this type to you communications when you are our customer. In this last case, we will only send you information that is owned by us and concerning services and / or products identical or similar to those that you have contracted with us. In these cases we have a legitimate interest in processing your contact details to keep you informed of our products and services, this interest prevailing over your right to personal data given the non-sensitive nature of the data in question and the fact that the contractual relationship established with our customers makes them expect this type of communications.
  3. c) By separating the data at our disposal so that it it is impossible to associate them with you or any other person, in order to perform statistical and other analyzes on the information that we collect (technical data and metadata) to analyze and measure user behavior and trends, to understand how people use our services, in order to improve and optimize our performance of these services.

3.3. How much do we need to have access to your data personal?

We need to process your personal data for us fulfill the legal and contractual obligations mentioned in point 3.2 above. Otherwise, we are not able to provide you with the services and / or access to the site. On the other hand, for the data processing which depends on your consent or our legitimate interests, data processing is not required by the law.

3.4. Which companies will have access to your personal information?

We share your information with our service providers who help us provide the Services to you, in which case such third parties are required to to comply with our internal standards, policies and measures technical and organizational that ensure that your data is protected and kept confidential at all times, and only compliance with and to the extent permitted by this Privacy Policy confidentiality.

When you allow us to do so, we may also share your data with other companies so that they can process them at other purposes, as explained in more detail when we ask you your prior consent. In addition, if you give your consent for the installation of cookies, your data may be processed by third-party companies for the purposes and in the territories mentioned in the cookie policy.

We may also share your information with the courts and the competent authorities, when we are legally obliged to do (for example, to enable these bodies to investigate, prevent or take action against illegal activities), or when we need to take action to protect our rights or rights of third parties.

Finally, please note that you can choose to create a form in which the results are displayed not in aggregate form but by providing specific responses provided by respondents. In this case, if you choose to create a form with this functionality, the results will be shared with third parties with which you choose to share. Please keep in mind that depending on what you intend to do with your data, you may be required to inform respondents or comply with other legal requirements.

3.5. In which territories can your personal information be treated?

Your information (and not that of third parties collected through typed forms, which are subject to section 4.10 below) can be transferred, processed and stored in countries who don't have such protective data protection laws than those in your jurisdiction. Your acceptance of the terms of the this privacy policy, followed by submission information relating to the service, represents your agreement to this international transfer of personal data.

3.6. Your rights

You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. You also have the right to request access, rectification or the erasure of your personal data, or the limitation of processing, or to object to processing, as well as the right to data portability. Please note that if you choose to cancel your data, your account will be deleted and all your data account will be permanently deleted from our systems. You can file a complaint at any time with the Spanish Agency for Data protection.

We allow you to exercise the aforementioned rights at any time by opening a support ticket through the Help Center.

3.7. Updating your information. Email and commercial communications.

You can update any information we may have from you through the account settings area or by sending us a written communication as described in section & nbsp;

3.6 above. Remember that it is your job to keep the up to date information so that we can provide you correctly the Services, and you agree to check from time to time the information that you have given us to ensure that they are accuracy.

As explained in section 3.6 above, you are entitled to ask, now or at any time, not to send you e-mails or commercial communications of any nature whatsoever. To do this, you can either modify the communication preferences in the settings page of your account, or contact us as indicated in point 3.6 above. Note that this will not prevent the sending of emails or other communications related to the Services, as these communications are necessary to complete well the relationship we have with you.

  1. How is the data we collect for your processed account?

4.1. In order to provide the Services to you, we may need to process the personal data of third parties on your behalf. It's the case, for example, when a person fills out a form (the forms that we have made available to you in the services), in which case data is collected, stored and processed on your behalf. Has purposes of clarification, the object of the processing is the provision of said services, and the type of personal data and categories of data subjects depend on the information uploaded to the service.

4.2. We will only process personal data to which we may have access as a result of the provision of the Services that in accordance with the instructions included in the General Conditions of Service and any other data that you may provide to us from time to other in writing. If we have reasonable grounds to believe that any of your documented instructions violates European laws on data protection, we will inform you punctually, in order to that you can confirm this instruction in writing. Please note that if confirmed, you will have to assume all the consequences arising from the fact that this instruction is against the law, and you will have to defend ourselves, compensate us and keep us safe from all costs (including attorney fees), fines or penalties, or any damage resulting from the execution of the contested instruction.

4.3. We will ensure that all employees authorized to process personal data are committed to respecting the confidentiality or are subject to a legal obligation to appropriate confidentiality.

4.4. To provide the services to you, we may need to do use of certain service providers that we already do call, as well as new providers in the future. These companies do process the data only to the extent necessary for the provision of Services, and we enter into written agreements with them in order to ensure that said companies respect the obligations included in this section 4 and implement all safety measures necessary to ensure adequate data protection.

In this regard, by concluding the general conditions of service, you accept that we request the assistance of MONSIEUR BAPTISTE ARNAUD. In In addition, we will also continue to use other providers of services for the performance of services, because these subcontractors are listed here.

If we want to change any of these service providers to a other, or if we need to hire new companies, you will have the right to reasonably object to such changes or new appointments within the non-extendable period of 15 calendar days. The expression "reasonably oppose" will be interpreted as any dispute based on non-compliance with established legal requirements by European data protection legislation by the new entity to be hired. In any event, we reserve the right to end the relationship with you if we do not cannot hire a subcontractor who is essential or necessary to provide the service.

The company must enter into written agreements with any subcontractor secondary engaged in the provision of services, including safeguards and guarantees required by the General Regulations on data protection (EU Regulation n ° 679 \ 2016, the "RGPD"), in particular regarding the implementation of the required security measures in the GDPR. For subcontractors who are not part of the privacy protection device or that are located in a country considered by European authorities to have the same level protection than European data protection laws, you agree to comply with the requirements set out in point 4.10 below.

4.5. At your request and at your expense, we assist you with measures appropriate technical and organizational, to the extent of possible, for the fulfillment of your obligation to respond to requests to exercise the rights of the data subject provided for in Chapter III of the GDPR, if applicable. For the avoidance of doubt, we will forward any request that data subjects can to us send directly as well as all relevant information, the if necessary, so that you can contact the persons concerned and respond to them, but we will not take care of responding to persons concerned.

4.6. We will implement the technical and organizational measures appropriate to ensure a level of security appropriate to the risk. At your request and at your expense, and taking into account the nature of the processing and information we have, we will reasonably assist you in comply with the security obligations set out in Article 32 of the GDPR.

4.7. We will also provide you, at your request and at your expense, and given the nature of the processing and the information we have assistance in meeting the obligations set out in Articles 33 to 36 of the GDPR, if applicable.

Regarding data breaches, we will notify you without deadline as soon as we have confirmed that a data breach affecting personal data has taken place. We will provide you sufficient information to enable you to comply with the reporting or information obligations of the competent authorities or of the people concerned. We cooperate reasonably with you and take reasonable commercial measures as you tell us to assist you in the investigation, mitigation and repair of each of these data breaches. For the avoidance of doubt, you will be responsible for both reporting as required by law applicable and notification to data subjects, and you will have to defend ourselves, compensate us and keep us safe from all costs (including attorney fees), fines or penalties, or any damage that failure to act on your part could cause.

4.8. At the end of the terms of service, we will remove the personal data, unless required by law.

4.9. We will provide you with all the information necessary to demonstrate compliance with the obligations set out in the present section 4 and we will enable and contribute to audits, including including inspections, conducted by you or by another appointed auditor by you who is not one of our competitors. You agree not to perform more than one (1) audit per year, unless there are grounds reasonable to believe that we are not fulfilling the obligations provided for in this section 4. Audits will only be carried out during normal working hours and you will bear all costs, unless it turns out that we are in serious breach of this section 4.

4.10. For the provision of services or because you want process data from one location or hand it over to another company, data may be transferred outside the Space economic activity to an entity that is not part of the protection of privacy or to a country that has not been declared as offering a level of protection equal to that provided for by regulation European Union for data protection.

In these cases, you must ensure that said transfer is possible in accordance with European regulations on the protection of data or any other legal requirement, without having to sign standard contractual clauses. If that is not possible - and only to this extent - and with regard to any subcontractor secondary hired by us, you (as “data exporter”) and we (as the "data importer") hereby agree to enter into standard contractual clauses for any transfer of data of this type. You fully accept the content of the clauses standard contractual agreements (available here) and, given that the relationship contractual defined in the general conditions of service cannot exist without international data transfers, you guarantee and declare that you will not question the execution of the clauses standard contractual agreements in the future, their signature being a simple act attesting to their agreement with the clauses set out in this document.

  1. How to contact us

5.1. Submit a request through our Help Center. Click on the link Contact support at the bottom right of the website and application.

  1. Changes to the privacy policy

6.1. We may change this privacy policy from from time to time. You may be asked to accept the policy of privacy changed when you log into your account TYPEBOT in order to continue using the service. We can also post on the site any non-substantial modification of this privacy policy, accompanied by a notice informing changes before their effective date. We can also inform you of material changes made to this privacy policy, before the date of entry into force of modifications, by sending an email or by any other way. If you do not agree to a non-substantial change in the this privacy policy, you can terminate the general conditions of service.

  1. Prevalence

7.1. This policy is written in simple version and in version legal. In case of discrepancy, the legal version included in the this document prevails and takes precedence over the simple version