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Typebot offers tools to create high-converting lead forms specifically designed for your marketing campaigns

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I upgraded my typeforms to typebots and saw a conversion rate increase from 14% to 43% on my marketing campaigns. I noticed the improvement on day one. That was a game-changer.

Joshua Lim
Joshua Lim

Growth Strategist @ Socialhackrs Media

I run Google ads all year long on our landing page that contains a typebot. I saw a 2x increase on our conversation rate compared to our old WordPress form.

Julien Muratot
Julien Muratot

Growth Manager @ Hornetwork

Trusted by 1,200+ companies and freelance marketers

Easy marketing campaign recipe

Typebot takes care of almost everything in your campaign.

  • Create a Landing Page

    This is not handled by Typebot

    You create a personalized landing page for the customers you are targeting for this campaign.

  • Create a lead generation form

    You need to create a form in order to qualify your lead

    Typebot allows you to create a high-converting form in a few minutes with a dead simple building experience

  • Connect the form to your existing tools

    You need to collect your generated leads in your CRM (Hubspot, Pipedrive) or in a Google Sheets for example.

    With Typebot, you connect your form to your existing tools in a few clicks thanks to our native integrations.
  • Embed the form in your landing page

    Your form needs to be embedded in your landing page. Most of the time, it is painful when you're not a coder.

    Typebot helps you easily embed your form with a dedicated library that handles everything.

  • Run your campaign

    This is not handled by Typebot

    Wether you launch some paid advertisements or simply share your landing page to your audience, it's time to jump!

  • Iterate & improve your conversion

    When a marketing campaign is launched you don't sit and wait for the results. You have to analyse the results and potentially improve things in order to increase the conversion rate.

    Typebot comes with tools to analyse your typebot performance in real time and helps you iterate quickly on improvements so that you optimise your conversion rate and your campaign budget.


Stop losing data from your forms

Each answered question has a huge value

Instead of collecting it only when it is fully submitted, with a Typebot form, you collect the result as soon as the user answers the first question.

You have access to all the incomplete results in your dashboard so that it helps you figure out how you can properly improve your form

incomplete results illustration

Iterate quickly and optimize the conversion

Each question has a cost in your drop-off rate.

Typebot generates an in-depth analytics graph report with completion and drop-off rates. That helps you know at a glance a potential bottleneck in your form.

All you need to do is to fix it and hit the Publish button.

incomplete results illustration

Stop wasting your time on building the form

Easy building experience and a grader to make your life easier

A form should be improved over time based on its performance. You shouldn't spend time working on the "perfect" first version.

Typebot comes with multiple verified templates to choose from.

And it offers a grader tool that gives a score your form in real-time based on best practices we collected from high-performing forms

conversion grader illustration

Integrate it in your workflow in 5 minutes

Connect your form to any app in an instant

Typebot comes with native integrations that allow you to connect your form with your existing eco system


Native feeling for a higher conversion

As if you spent time crafting this form by hand

A form that doesn't feel native to your landing page will impact dramatically its conversion potential

Typebot allows you to integrate the form in your landing page as if it were specifically designed for it. You can customize pretty much anything.

native feeling illustration

And many more features

Typebot makes form building easy and comes with powerful features


Hidden fields

Include data in your form URL to segment your user and use its data directly in your form.

Person Add

Team collaboration

Invite your teammates to work on your typebot with you

Git Branch

Conditional branching

Make your form smarter by adding conditions to display custom answers to your users



Use the calculator to compute anything in Typebot directly to generate a quote or compute a score

Share Social

Custom domains

Connect your typebot to the custom URL of your choice

Folder Open

Folder management

Organize your typebots in specific folders to keep it clean and work with multiple clients

Take your forms to the next level

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