What makes Typebot a great Landbot alternative?

Both Landbot and Typebot offer the same output: beautiful conversational forms. But Landbot is in fact a tool focused on delivering customer service through chatbots while Typebot is focused on getting the most out of forms.

User experience

Here is an example of the same form created with both tools:



Building experience

Landbot offers a "visual flow" building experience. While it makes conditional logic more understandable. I think it's hard to understand how the final result will look like at a glance:

Visual flow screenshot

The idea behind Typebot building experience is that you directly modify the final result and you click on elements you want to edit. Typebot also offer a "visual flow" building experience when you start adding doing conditional logic


Landbot offers a Free plan that isn't very generous as you won't have access to advanced useful features and you will be limited to 30 chats per month. You won't really know if your forms are performing well with only 30 responses per month. You'll be obligated to upgrade to at least their "PROFESSIONAL" plan that offers up to 1,000 responses for $95/month.

Landbot offers a human take-over feature that won't be developed into Typebot. It won't be a live chat product because Typebot is designed for marketers, not customer support like Landbot. Typebot's main focus is to help marketers get the most out of their online forms with exclusive features.

Landbot also offers Facebook and Whatsapp integrations. Typebot has planned these integrations but it will be focused on helping marketers distribute forms through Facebook and WhatsApp instead of a focus on delivering customer service.

Free plan comparison

Typebot (Free plan)Landbot (Free plan)
Unlimited formsCheckmark CircleCheckmark Circle
Unlimited conversationsCheckmark CircleClose Circle

(30 / month)

Zapier integrationCheckmark CircleCheckmark Circle
Slack integrationClose Circle

Zapier, Integromat

Checkmark Circle
Sendgrid integrationClose Circle

Zapier, Integromat

Checkmark Circle
Stripe integrationCheckmark CircleClose Circle

starts at $35

Google Sheets integrationCheckmark CircleClose Circle

starts at $90

Human take overClose CircleCheckmark Circle
Priority SupportCheckmark CircleClose Circle

(only enterprise)

WebhooksCheckmark CircleClose Circle

starts at $95

Hidden fieldsCheckmark CircleClose Circle

starts at $35

Conditional logicCheckmark CircleClose Circle

starts at $35

FormulasCheckmark CircleClose Circle

starts at $95

Custom error messagesCheckmark CircleClose Circle

starts at $35

Custom typing emulationCheckmark CircleClose Circle

starts at $35

Paid plan comparison

Typebot Pro ($30/month)Landbot ($35+/month)
Access to incomplete submissionsCheckmark CircleCheckmark Circle
Remove brandingCheckmark CircleCheckmark Circle


Custom domainCheckmark CircleClose Circle
Facebook messengerClose CircleCheckmark Circle
WhatsappClose CircleCheckmark Circle


In-depth analyticsCheckmark CircleCheckmark Circle
Google analytics eventsCheckmark CircleCheckmark Circle
Team collaborationCheckmark CircleCheckmark Circle
Organize forms in foldersCheckmark CircleClose Circle

Landbot offers other very cool features. Here is an exhausting list.

Collect up to 4x more responses without 4x the work.

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