What makes Typebot a great Tally alternative?

Tally user experience is quite unique and is similar to Notion. I love the simplicity of its building experience. Tally and Typebot seem to have the same vision for the building experience: what you edit is the final result. They also offer similar generous pricing where the majority of the features are available for free.

But these tools differ in the end-user experience: Tally offers one-page or multi-step forms whereas Typebot offers a conversational experience. Let's take a look at it:

User experience

Here is an example of the same form created with both tools:



Conversion increased

I built Typebot because I know conversational experience allows you to increase your conversion rate and ultimately offer a more comfortable experience on mobile.

Chat experience is comfortable on mobile

Tally looks great on mobile but it still feels like a classic form with lots of questions you have to fill. Whereas with a conversational experience, your mind shift and it feels like you're talking to someone.

Roadmap Ceiling

Because Tally is offering traditional formatting of its forms, they won't be able to implement advanced features such as drop-off rates on a question basis. This feature (available on Typebot) is a game-changer for marketers who need to know in real-time how their questions perform and where users tend to quit the form.


Both tools offer similar pricing. Everything is unlimited and for free. You'll need to subscribe only if you need advanced features and remove the branding.

Free plan comparison

Typebot (Free plan)Tally (Free plan)
Unlimited formsCheckmark CircleCheckmark Circle
Unlimited responsesCheckmark CircleCheckmark Circle
Collect paymentsCheckmark CircleCheckmark Circle

5% commission

File uploadClose Circle


Checkmark Circle
CalculatorCheckmark CircleCheckmark Circle
Hidden fieldsCheckmark CircleCheckmark Circle
ZapierCheckmark CircleCheckmark Circle
IntegromatCheckmark CircleCheckmark Circle
Google SheetsCheckmark CircleCheckmark Circle
RedirectCheckmark CircleCheckmark Circle
Custom subdomainCheckmark CircleClose Circle

Paid plan comparison

Typebot Pro ($30/month)Tally ($29/month)
CollaborationCheckmark CircleCheckmark Circle
Remove brandingCheckmark CircleCheckmark Circle
Custom domainsCheckmark CircleCheckmark Circle
WorkspacesCheckmark CircleCheckmark Circle
Access to incomplete submissionsCheckmark CircleClose Circle
In-depth analyticsCheckmark CircleClose Circle
Google analytics eventsCheckmark CircleClose Circle

Collect up to 4x more responses without 4x the work.

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