What makes Typebot a great Typeform alternative?

I am a big fan of Typeform user experience. This is probably what motivated me to create an alternative that keeps Typeform slick design but also offers a unique conversational experience that would make my forms convert more.

Along the journey, I figured that a conversational experience also unlocks many possibilities in terms of conversion rate optimization for marketers. That's exactly where Typebot is headed.

User experience

Here is an example of the same form created with both tools:



Conversion increased

Typebot's users report a better conversion rate compared to Typeform forms. All of this is thanks to a conversation :

Collect real-time results

With a Typeform, you collect the answer only when your user clicks on the "Submit" button located at end of the form. If your users are leaving the form at a specific question, you won't even know this. With Typebot, if a user answers only one question, you will still collect the answer and will never lose any valuable information.

What's the powerful math behind this feature? Imagine 300 users are interacting with your form but only 100 of them fully completed it. With Typebot, you'll still see responses from 300 users while with Typeform, you'll only see responses from the 100 people that clicked on "submit".

Chat experience is comfortable on mobile

Typeform is responsive and looks good on mobile but it still feels like a form you need to fill. Whereas with a conversational experience, your mind shift and it feels like you're talking to someone.


Typeform recently changed its pricing and now offers a Free plan that includes meaningful features without limits (logic jumps, ending screens, and the number of typeforms you can create). But they instead limited the number of responses you can collect per month to only 10 and the questions per typeform to 10 as well.

The problem with these limitations is that you won't know if your forms are actually performing well with only 10 responses per month. You'll be obligated to upgrade to at least their "Plus" plan that offers up to 1,000 responses for $55/month

Free plan comparison

Typebot (Free plan)Typeform (Free plan)
Unlimited formsCheckmark CircleCheckmark Circle
Unlimited logicCheckmark CircleCheckmark Circle
Unlimited responsesCheckmark CircleClose Circle

(10 / month)

Unlimited questionsCheckmark CircleClose Circle

(10 / form)

Hidden fieldsCheckmark CircleCheckmark Circle
CalculatorCheckmark CircleCheckmark Circle
TemplatesCheckmark CircleCheckmark Circle
Download your dataCheckmark CircleCheckmark Circle
Native integrationsCheckmark CircleCheckmark Circle
Collect paymentsCheckmark CircleClose Circle

(starts at $30)

RedirectCheckmark CircleClose Circle

(starts at $60)

File uploadCheckmark CircleClose Circle

(starts at $30)

WebhooksCheckmark CircleClose Circle

(starts at $30)

Custom link previewCheckmark CircleClose Circle

(starts at $30)

Custom subdomainCheckmark CircleClose Circle

(starts at $50)

Google analytics integrationCheckmark CircleClose Circle

(starts at $108)

Facebook pixelCheckmark CircleClose Circle

(starts at $108)

Google Tag ManagerCheckmark CircleClose Circle

(starts at $108)

Priority supportCheckmark CircleClose Circle

(starts at $108)

Paid plan comparison

Typebot Pro ($30/month)Typeform ($30+/month)
Access to incomplete submissionsCheckmark CircleClose Circle
Remove brandingCheckmark Circle$66/month
Unlimited file uploadCheckmark Circle$108/month (4GB)
Team collaborationCheckmark Circle


$66 for 3 users
Custom domainsCheckmark CircleClose Circle
Salesforce integrationClose Circle$108/month
Schedule a close dateClose Circle$108/month
Drop-off ratesCheckmark Circle$108/month
Google analytics eventsCheckmark CircleClose Circle
Organize forms in foldersCheckmark CircleClose Circle

Collect up to 4x more responses without 4x the work.

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