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About Typebot

Typebot is a SaaS tool that allows you to create conversational forms to collect valuable feedback from your audience. The team is composed of only me, Baptiste Arnaud, a Software engineer based in France.

Typebot is completely independent, self-funded, and bootstrapped. It is currently trusted by 10+ subscribers, more than 750 users who bought a lifetime deal, and 100 active users who use the tool for free.


Typebot was launched in July 2020. At the current stage, I'm not interested in raising funds or taking investments. I'm working hard on making a living from Typebot with a simple business model:
You can use the tool for free but your forms will contain a "Made with Typebot" small badge that potentially gets people to know about the product. If you want to remove it and have access to advanced features, you'll have to subscribe for $30 per month.

100% scalable

Typebot and its forms are built on very scalable infrastructure (cloud functions mostly): it uses services from Firebase and Vercel. Typebot forms are extremely fast to load and it can handle large company needs.

How can I be sure it will still exist in the future?

Even if I don't find a way to make a living from Typebot in the near future, I will never decide to shut down the service. Because it is built on a scalable infrastructure, I'm paying a "pay-as-you-go" bill each month. It will never cost me more than how much Typebot is used. Other than this, you can only trust me. Get in touch if you have any questions.

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